Break barriers and create long-lasting memories with Atlas withlocals.

Placing you, dear travelers, in a pure— unblemished— Moroccan environment is our team’s main objective. It is not only our joy, but our duty to deliver you the authentic culture of the different ethnicities living in Morocco.; parts that people rarely get to see for what they are worth.

At first, it was for the love of sharing my own culture—as a proud Moroccan female Berber—with international travelers. I find my bliss in putting you in an environment with Moroccan locals, free of any curtain or veil. The different cultures hidden in Morocco are ancient and contains a very diversified folklore; come and discover them through our help.

Atlas withlocals didn’t only originate from my outward passion to share my own local culture, but came from ten years of work in travel agencies. I am a graduate in finance, in business management, and tourism. I have been creating customized trips and have assisted many travelers through the entirety of their journeys. Creating long lasting, individual memories with each of my clients.

All along, my true intent through Atlas withlocals is to break the barrier created by the industry of tourism. Through our help, those barriers will disappear as our guests will be guided through local experiences with Moroccan natives. Come and share an experience you won’t be able to have access on your own. With our help, let us create a safe space for your unique travel tour.

At the end of the day, it is Atlas withlocals’ fortune to link our worldwide guests with the inhabitants of the different regions of Morocco. Making you create your own handcrafted experience with the different locals you will be meeting. What began as a personal journey for myself is now a personal journey for each of my guests.

Best regards,
Founder & Tour designer

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