An exhilarating ballad of spice and color, with a diverse variety of art, architecture, language, and landscapes. You will find in Morocco an abundance of inspiration, be it for you, or your families. Visit ancient landscape, past traces of civilization, and castles that hold many stories in each and every brick constructing them. Visit the ruin of the ancient Roman empire through the archeological site of Volubilis, or the modern cities dwelling in the north. From the flamboyant Arabic architecture to the humble— simple— design of the northern tribe’s construct, Morocco offers a plethora of views for your eyes.
Text BoxAs a landscape that has been influenced by Berber, Arabs, and European civilization, Morocco has a history as complex as the rest of the African countries. The lineage and folklore of the many ethnicities living in Morocco have created a canvas that can rarely be seen in the rest of the world. Here, you can spend the night in the humblest shack, in one of the many villages sitting in the nooks of mount Atlas. Or the opposite, sleep in the most luxurious palaces and resorts existing throughout Morocco. The choice is yours to take, and Atlas withlocals is here to assist you in making that decision, turning it from a dream into reality

Morocco is a hidden gem when it comes to products related to general health care and wellness. Let’s not forget the local spas, hammams, and many other facilities specialized in the relaxation of the body and mind. Participate in many activities, ranging from yoga retreats, to surfing, hitchhikes through mount Atlas, or long walks through the Sahara Desert. Activities that will either take you out of your comfort zone, or in the contrary, create a perfect oasis that will soothe your soul.

Your honeymoon isn’t the type of trip that can be rushed. It is with that principle in thought that Atlas withlocals will mark your marriage with an indelible memory. Morocco is a splendid destination for couples, be it in resorts, traditional villages, or splendid villas. We will help you pick the most special— perfect— spot for your special time. Bless your special night with magnificent landscapes, splendid roads, and narrow alleys.

Whether you are dreaming of a trip to the peak of the atlas, or just a meeting with the Berber of the valleys. We, at Atlas withlocals, will help you make that dream come true. Not only we will help you meet competent individuals, we will also help you accomplish your own specific goal in that journey. Be it through cultural itineraries or the trekking excursions of a lifetime!

Make your family’s eyes shine with the soft light of the medinas. Or make their faces go soft when they will meet the compassionate tribes of northern Morocco. Let us plan together a custom-made travel for you and your families; whatever your goals may be, be it a relaxed afternoon in front of the many beaches of Morocco, or an intense day with physical activities and social interaction with the locals. We will help you craft the trip of your dream!

Travel through the vast land of the northern, hike through the mountains or march in the thigh street of the different maze-like medinas. Join a group of travelers and discover the boundless Moroccan culture with complete strangers!

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