The subcontinent is really a country made up of many ‘countries’, which is what makes Morocco so fascinating and why so many people return year on year.

Morocco which translates to ‘the kingdom of the west’ is located in the North African region known as the Maghreb. The country is bordered by Algeria to the east, the Spanish North African territories of Melilla and Ceuta on the Mediterranean coast in the north and in the south by Sahara. It straddles the Mediterranean to the northeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Morocco has the reputation of being one of the most liberal Muslim countries, and Marrakesh is the country’s grandest highlight, a grandiose and dazzling city which is said to be the “nicest place on earth to spend the afternoon” by Sir Winston Churchill.

The Kingdom of Morocco has an exciting blend of cultures, ancient traditions, religion, and modern sensibilities. Morocco stirs up images of minarets and date plantations, spices and maze-like medinas, tagine and mint tea.

Every city in Morocco has a unique character. Agadir with its boisterous beach resort, Essaouira the faded coastal town, the cosmopolitan Casablanca, and Tangier with its burgeoning cultural scene, sandy beaches, and white-washed buildings worn smooth by tides of history. Fez Inland enthralls travelers with its high-sided streets, maze of extraordinary riads, and dusty souks.

Morocco offers a wide variety of epicness, with a stunning mix of colonial and ancient architecture that typifies the major cities of Morocco, and makes them more appealing to tourist and travelers.

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The kingdom of Morocco is popular for its exquisite cuisine which is usually a perfect blend of Mediterranean, Andalusian, Central Europe (France) and Amazigh cuisines. They have a wide range of dishes to satisfy varied tastes. With fresh products from the earth, and spices that color the plates, you will never forget what you taste here.

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